Where Is Maggie Mae?

Blasting Away....

Dennis "Easy Rider" Troll Visits America

Dennis lived down the road.  Recently adopted by our neighbors, Ben & Amy, Dennis was new to the neighborhood.  And he looked lonely. 


Our neighborhood has many riders living among it’s streets.  Besides Ben & Amy who have a sporty, Trent & Marisol are avid Harley riders as is Jimmy.  Bobby is the sport biker across the street. We had long been talking about our plans to take an adventurous motorcycle journey across America.  It would have been nice to have all them along for the ride.


But it was Dennis who most shared our passion for the freedom of the open road. After all, he was named after Dennis Hopper of Easy Rider fame.  He is the epitome of freedom. But alas, Ben & Amy would have nothing of it.  Something about him being grounded.


So, the morning we were to set off on our adventure, Thumper kidnapped Dennis.  We would show them!

Born to be wild….


It is believed that Dennis “Easy Rider” Troll is the first and only troll in American history to complete an official Iron Butt Association Saddle Sore 1,000 – having ridden from Wesley Chapel, Florida to St. Louis, Missouri, covering a distance of 1,000 miles in 24 hours.  He then got some much deserved rest.


Dennis is the first troll to visit the Mitchell Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD


Relaxing in the Badlands…& soon learning what the bad in Badlands is all about…



After a long day in the saddle, Dennis and Thumper indulge just a little too much.



Dennis visits the Blackfeet Nation Indian Reservation in Montana.


Stopping for lunch in Glacier National Park.



Begging for a chance to make a snow angel, Dennis gets his feet cold in the Montana Glaciers.


Hitting the hot mineral spring soaking tub at Lolo Hot Springs in Montana. 


Dennis longs to take the throttle.


Somewhere in Oregon we came across the shoe tree and stopped for a photographic opportunity.  It didn’t take long for Dennis to get in on the action.


Opposites attract?  Worlds smallest troll among the worlds largest trees in the California Redwood Forest.


California Dreaming – back to where it all started for Easy Rider himself.


The Alabama Hills, Lone Pine California where the Lone Ranger was filmed.  http://www.lonepinechamber.org


Death Valley National Park – Stovepipe Wells, near Furnace Creek   www.stovepipewells.com  


Maggie & Dennis at Zion National Park.


Thump, Dennis & Maggie – sitting back, taking it easy.


Dennis visits the Grand Canyon.


In the words of The Eagles, Dennis is “standin’ on a corner in Winslow Arizona…” http://www.standinonthecorner.com