Where Is Maggie Mae?

Blasting Away....

Sponsors & Supporters

I would like to thank my husband Thumper for his help with product research, assistance and instruction in bike maintenance and encouragement.  Without him, this journey would not be possible.  He is my best friend and riding buddy.   Thanks Thump!

To Dad & Donna:  For giving me my first taste of life on the road.  And Mom:  For listening to me talk endlessly about my rides.

Additionally, I would like to thank all those listed below for their support and generosity.   While I am the one putting the miles and hours in the saddle, I could not do it without great equipment and trustworthy products.   So a heartfelt  "Thanks" to all who are helping make this adventure happen:


GIVI www.giviusa.com

Avon Tyres www.avonmotorcycle.com 

Amsoil  www.amsoil.

Hudson Valley Motorsports Parts   www.HVMP.com